The exhibitor must apply the regulations pertaining to fire safety and panic prevention on premises open to the
public laid down by the Order of 25 June 1980 (general clauses). The Order of 18 November 1987 sets out the
special clauses that apply to exhibitions and trade shows in France. Parts of the aforesaid regulations are
explained below for ease of reference.
All projects involving significant construction work must be submitted to the Show's Safety Manager for approval.
Plans and technical information must be provided at least two months before the exhibition begins.
During installation, the Safety Manager will ensure that all safety measures listed below are implemented on site.
Further information regarding fire safety is available from:
10 rue Frédéric Passy ­ 92200 NEUILLY SUR SEINE
Tel/fax : 00 33 1 47 22 72 18
Mobile : 00 33 6 07 91 37 72
Email :
- The exhibitor must comply with French regulations and with the accessibility order. These regulations specify
that all premises and facilities open to the public must allow access to the disabled and to people with reduced
mobility. Applied to the exhibition, this means that:
- The disabled must be able to access and exit all facilities without assistance:
· Ramps must comply with legal requirements:
A slope of less than 4%, 5% up to 10,00 m, 8% up to 2,00 m, 10% up to 0,50 m.
· The slope must include a level landing at the top and bottom of each ramp run.
- All internal routes and exit signs must contrast visually with the surrounding environment.
2.2.1 operational equipment and machinery for demonstration. Must comply with the following rules:
- the Organizer must receive a list of all equipment and machinery that is to be operational at the Show, at least
30 days before the Show begins (see form in annexe),
- such equipment must not present any risks to public safety,
- stationary equipment or machinery (whether or not operational):
· any dangerous parts must be more than 1 metre from the public thoroughfare or protected by a rigid screen,
· dangerous parts: moving parts, hot surfaces, blades and sharp objects;
- moving equipment or machinery:
· must be presented in a protected area where members of the public are kept at a distance of at least one
metre from the equipment itself;
- hydraulic jacks presented in a raised static position:
· the equipment's hydraulic safety mechanisms must be supplemented by a mechanical safety device
preventing any untimely activation;
- all equipment must be properly stabilized.
2.2.2 Heat or combustion engines ­ motor vehicles. Must comply with the following rules:
- all gases must be evacuated outside the hall,
- engines on display must either have a lockable fuel cap or an empty fuel tank,
- storage battery terminals must be protected and inaccessible,
- if motive power is required, an electrical power supply must be used.
- Any system using lasers must be have a safety certificate supplied by the Departmental Safety Commission
of the "Préfecture" (For any further information please contact Cabinet Raillard) ,at least 30 days before the Show
- Specific regulations will apply to the stand layout.
- For further information on regulations and authorization requests, contact Cabinet RAILLARD.
- The dossier (in French) to be submitted to Cabinet RAILLARD, must include:
· A declaration on plain paper stating that a laser system is to be used.
· Form "Operational equipment and machinery", in annexe
· A technical data sheet with a layout plan of the equipment's position on the stand.
· A document drawn up and signed by the installer, certifying compliance with these regulations

3.1 Materials and fire rating requirements
3.1.1 Exhibitors' obligations
Exhibitors must have available on site all official reports on the fire resistance classification of all materials used on
their stands.
If official reports are not available, exhibitors must have all fireproofing certificates available on site at each of their
Materials and fire rating requirements
All materials used must have a specific fire rating (French class or Euro class).
3.1.2 Requirements
- Stand framework and partitioning: minimum rating M3 or D (Euro class).
- Large furniture (cash desk, counter, showcase, dividing partition, etc.): minimum rating M3 or D.
- Wall covering (natural fabrics or plastic coatings): minimum rating M2 or C.
- Curtains, draperies and net curtains: minimum rating M2 or C.
- Fixed floor covering: minimum rating M4 or D.
- Material covering the surface of podiums, platforms or tiered seating (if height > 0.30 m and surface
(S) > 20sqm): minimum rating M3 or D.
- Loose decorative items (advertising billboards if S > 0.50sqm, garlands, light decorative items etc.): minimum
rating M1 or B.
- Canopies, if building equipped with an automatic sprinkler system, minimum rating M2; if not, minimum rating
M1 or B.
- Ceilings and false ceilings: minimum rating M1 or B.
- Mesh canopies must be certified by the CNPP (a French test laboratory).
3.1.3 Equivalents
- Non resinous solid wood: if thickness > 14 mm, rated M3 or D.
- Resinous solid wood: if thickness > 18 mm, rated M3 or D.
- Wood-based panels (plywood, boarding, particleboard and fibreboard): if thickness > 18 mm, rated M3 or D.
3.2 Decorative material
- No fire rating required if surface area less than 20% of the item decorated (partition, false ceiling).
3.2.1 Covered stands (ceiling, canopy)
- Area must be less than 300sqm.
- Area > 50sqm requirements:
· appropriate fire extinguishers,
· officially qualified fire safety officer present (with a French SSIAP1 qualification or equivalent training in fire
safety for public premises),
· independent security lighting fitted. Independent security lighting must be on standby when the main lighting
system is intentionally switched off.
- Canopies must be effectively suspended from a crossed wire mesh (with gaps of 1sqm maximum).
3.2.2 Enclosed stands: submit an application seeking the advice and approval of the Cabinet
If the enclosed area is greater than 19 persons, two judiciously sited and marked exits must be provided.

3.3 Fireproofing
By means of different procedures or applications, any material which normally would be of medium or high
flammability, may obtain the flame resisting qualification of M2. These procedures would be: inflammable liquid
spraying, brush application of a paint or special varnish or immersion in a special bath solution.
These operations of fireproofing may be performed by an officially qualified person, or contracting company who
may issue a homologated certificate giving the following specifications.
The exact names, addresses and telephones may be obtained from the:
Groupement Technique Français de l'Ignifugation:
10, rue du Débarcadère
75852 Paris cedex 17
Tel: +33 (0)1 40 55 13 13
3.4 Fire certificates
At any time, the Show Security Manager may demand exhibitors the official report giving the fire class of materials
used in stand construction or failing this, the equivalent fireproofing certificates.
All coatings, coverings and material meeting the requirements of security are sold in specialized shops, where the
quality certificates as regards the classification of fire resistance may be obtained:
Groupement NON FEU
37-39, rue de Neuilly BP 121
92113 Clichy Cedex
Tel: +33 (0)1 47 56 30 80
4.1 Exhibitors' general obligations
Exhibitors must ensure that the following regulations are applied:
- only fixed wiring may be used for electrical systems,
- cables and wires must be Category C2,
- conduits and wire mouldings used for cable troughs, wire ways and cable ducts must be made of flame-retarding
material, in compliance with European standards,
- all electrical apparatus, cables and conduits must be earthed,
- if class 0 equipment is to be powered up (exceptionally), it must be equipped with a residual current (maximum
30mA) differential switch or safety device,
- class I equipment must be connected to the earth wire of the main supply line,
- the use of individual ground plates is forbidden.
4.2 Electrical equipment cabinets and boxes
- Must comply with legislation, namely:
- must have a metal casing,
- must not be accessible to the public,
- must be easily accessible to staff and emergency services,
- must be located a safe distance from all flammable and combustible materials.
IMPORTANT: if total power rating > 100 kVA:
- cabinets and boxes are to be installed in closed premises reserved exclusively for this purpose,
- the premises must be clearly indicated,
- a dry chemical or CO2 extinguisher must be available on the premises,
- partitions must have an M3 fire rating,
- the premises must not be located under a mezzanine that is accessible to the public.
4.3 Halogen lamps (EN 60 698 standard)
Stand lighting that includes halogen lamps must:
- be a minimum of 2.25 metres from the ground,
- be located a safe distance from all flammable materials (at least 0.50 metres from wood and other decorative
- be well secured,
- be fitted with safety glass or fine mesh wire, providing protection against the consequences of a bulb blowing.

4.4 High neon voltage signs
- must be protected by a screen made of material with an M3 fire rating,
- the power switch must be clearly marked,
- transformers must not be within reach,
- a sign marked "Danger: high voltage" should be visible nearby.
The following are prohibited at the Show:
· distribution of samples or products containing an inflammable gas,
· balloons inflated with a flammable or toxic gas,
· articles made of celluloid,
· the presence of pyrotechnic or explosives devices,
· the presence of ethyl oxide, carbon sulphide, sulphuric ether and acetone,
· the use of acetylene, oxygen, hydrogen or equivalent high-risk gases (note : a request for dispensation can
be submitted to the French authorities. Apply through Cabinet RAILLARD, two months before the exhibition
· pyrotechnic effects devices producing detonations, sparks or flames.
The use of flammable liquids is limited to the following quantities per stand:
· 10 litres of category 2 flammable liquids per 10sqm of exhibition space, up to a maximum of 80 litres,
· 5 litres of category 1 flammable liquids.
Must remain visible and accessible at all times.
If there is a fire hose cabinet on the stand, it must be visibly marked and remain accessible at all times via
a 1m-wide passageway leading from the aisle.
It is prohibited to leave crates, cartons, boxes or pieces of wood on the stands and in the passageways.
the premises must be cleaned o a daily basis.